Rasika Dugal talks about her journey as an actor with NewsX


In an exclusive interview with NewsX Anchor Uday Pratap Singh, Bollywood actor Rasika Dugal opens up about her journey in the film industry. Rasika opens up about her recent major premiere experience, describing the heart-warming atmosphere during the screening of “Lord Kazan Ki Haveli” at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival. She recalls about last time she visited Chicago was 12 years ago for the Chicago International Film Festival, where one of her first lead roles in an indie film called “Cher” premiered. She said ‘It was the first time my work had been reviewed by critics, including international ones, and some of the reviews were so positive and glowing at the time. It truly provided me with a lot of encouragement to continue on this journey.’
Rasika Dugal shared insights into her transformative journey as an actor and the audience’s response to her recent film compared to her earlier experiences in Chicago. Rasika recalled a challenging period in her career when she had been working as an actor for six years without much recognition, often playing small roles in various films. Chicago, however, held a special place in her heart as it marked a turning point in her acting career. Returning to the city for the premiere of “Lord Kazan Ki Haveli,” she was pleasantly surprised by the warm reception from the audience, many of whom had been following her work.
Rasika also noted that her role in “Mirzapur” had garnered a significant fan following, even outside of India, which was unexpected for her. This crime drama series seemed to have a broad appeal across diverse audiences. During her time in Chicago, she fielded numerous questions about her work in “Mirzapur,” showcasing the show’s widespread popularity and her rising status as an accomplished actor.
Rasika highlighted the intriguing contrast between “Lord Ghazan Ki Haveli” and her more well-known work in “Mirzapur.” She described the former as a black comedy thriller, a departure from the crime drama genre of the latter. Rasika pointed out the audience’s impressive level of engagement with “Lord Ghazan Ki Haveli.