Ram temple foundation work will be over by October


The foundation work of the Ram temple will be completed by October. After this, the construction work of its walls and building will start in November. In such a situation, the stones of the walls have been kept in the Ram temple construction workshop of Ayodhya. The walls have to be raised with these stones that have been carved after many years of hard work. Images of deities have also been engraved in these stones. Now, they will be used for the construction of the Ram temple. That’s why people from almost every province like Maharashtra, Bihar, and Rajasthan are reaching here to see these stones.

About 12 lakh cubic feet of stones will be used to build Ramlala at Ram janmabhoomi. The original temple of Ramlala, which is a superstructure in technical language, is predetermined to be constructed from the red sandstone of Banshi Paharpur in Rajasthan. Not only was this stone selected at the time of the Ram Mandir movement but preparations were also made for the construction of the first floor of the temple by carving 1.25 lakh cubic feet of stones. 

Speaking to The Daily Guardian on Thursday, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra trust’s general secretary Champat Rai said: “Date has been fixed for getting darshan in Ayodhya’s grand Ram temple. In 2023, Ramlala will be established at the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple. By 2025, the vision of the Ram temple complex in the entire 70 acres will be completed. The decision has been taken in the meeting of Ram Mandir Trust in Ayodhya on Thursday.”

Rai had earlier said that three different types of stones would be used in the construction of the Ram temple. Different stones will be used in its base plinth, the spire including the temple and the walls. In which its base plinth will be made of four lakh cubic stones of Mirzapur and the stone of Banshi Paharpur of Rajasthan will be used for the construction of the temple. 

The Daily Guardian has an exclusive picture of the construction work which is going on in full swing. It can be seen in the picture that despite the rain, the construction work is going on 24 hours. At the same time, there are elaborate security arrangements in the Ram temple complex. To ensure that the construction and surrounding activities are monitored at all times, the premises are being monitored at all times by watchtowers and CCTV cameras.