Rajnath Singh confident of 'disengagement, de-escalation' along India's northern borders

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also praiseed the India military for their excellent operational capabilities and readiness.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is confident that Indian armed forces stationed along the country’s northern borders with China will not allow its troops to carry out any misadventure. Accoring to Singh a peaceful resolution to all the pending and disputed issues between the two countries will be found soon.

Speaking to the Army Commanders’ Conference in New Delhi on Tuesday he stated, “Disengagement and de-escalation is the way forward to deal with the current situation along northern borders.”

The Army Commanders’ Conference, a high-level biannual gathering, took place in the nation’s capital on March 28 in virtual form and on April 1 and 2, in person.

Singh praised the Border Road Organization’s (BRO) efforts, which despite challenging circumstances have resulted in a significant improvement in road connectivity in both the Western and Northern borders.

He applauded the Indian Army’s response to cross-border terrorism, citing the situation along the Western borders; yet, the adversary’s proxy war rages on. “I commend the outstanding synergy between the CAPF/Police forces and the Army in tackling the menace of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir,” stated Rajnath Singh. The region’s stability has been ensured following the coordinated actions in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and this trend should continue.

He went on to praise the military for their excellent operational capabilities and readiness, which he claimed he had always seen firsthand while visiting front regions.

In addition, he expressed gratitude to all the courageous people who gave their lives to defend their country. By establishing long-lasting cooperation partnerships with foreign armies, the Army has significantly advanced our national security interests through military diplomacy, which he praised.

“Defence diplomacy, indigenization, information warfare, defense infrastructure, and force modernization should always be deliberated upon in such a forum,” he said in closing. To prepare the Armed Forces for the future, doctrine adjustments should be made when needed. The government is dedicated to helping the Army advance on the path to reforms and capabilities modernization since the nation is proud of its armed forces.


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