Rajasthan’s IT development best nationwide: Rakesh Meena


Information and Technology Department’s Deputy Director, Rakesh Meena, elaborated on the government’s ongoing initiatives at the conclave. He stated that E-Mitra Plus would be a part of E-Mitra, offering more services.
Speaking about Rajasthan’s technological development, he mentioned a time when technology was distant in the state, but the government has created various schemes to raise awareness. As a result, nearly every household in Rajasthan now has a mobile phone, connecting people to the world. He said that Rajasthan’s IT development is among the best in the country.
Meena mentioned that the government has considered every section of society. To ensure schemes reach every corner of Rajasthan, the government has saved data on every family in Jan Aadhar. This allows the government to inform people about all government schemes through messages.
He discussed the E-Gyan portal, which was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The portal includes the entire syllabus of government schools online. This not only allowed children to continue their education during the pandemic but also extended education to rural areas.
Even after the pandemic, people are showing more interest in online education. Looking forward to Mission 2030, he said the government is making efforts to reach every section through video walls. However, practical training is still lacking in Rajasthan, and they hope to improve it by 2030.