Rajasthan’s electricity crisis deepens as BJP readies for showdown


BJP leader Rajendra Rathore has criticized the Gehlot-led state government, alleging that they have misled the Rajasthan public under the guise of ‘free electricity,’ resulting in high electricity bills. He raised concerns about the increasing financial burden on the public under the pretext of fuel charges. The opposition leader made an analogy of the situation to a dark city with a collapsing power system, with frequent power cuts becoming the norm.
Rajasthan’s electricity infrastructure has come to a standstill, with technical assistants from the electricity department going on strike. The Ashok Gehlot administration is contemplating the purchase of expensive electricity due to a shortage of quality coal, leading to the closure of thermal power plants. Consumers are receiving hefty electricity bills, and the state’s power system is in disarray.
Rathore added that the Bharatiya Janata Party plans to protest the Congress government’s management of electricity issues, with a demonstration at the electricity office scheduled for 24 August. In addition to this, they will organize candlelight marches and protests wherever there are power cuts, Rathore said.
Rathore also announced the preparedness for the BJP’s ‘Parivartan Yatra’, where the party will traverse around each assembly constituency of Rajasthan. According to the BJP, their mission is to unveil the mismanagement and corruption of the Congress government. The journey, conducted by four-wheelers, will reach various assembly constituencies.
The BJP received a lot of public support during its Jan Akrosh Yatras, where people voiced their grievances through letters. Rathore said that the common people of Rajasthan have shown their solidarity with the BJP, reflecting their dissatisfaction with the Congress. Rathore also offered a counter-argument to Sachin Pilot’s recent statement, where he claimed that the BJP failed at the national level while the opposition in Rajasthan succeeded.