Rajasthan: PM Modi lays foundation for numerous projects worth Rs 5000 crores


On Thursday in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation and laid the cornerstone for numerous projects totaling over Rs 5000 crores in the areas of road, rail, aviation, health, and higher education.
In his remarks to the group, the prime minister said that Rajasthan is a state where the strength, prosperity, and culture of old India can still be seen. “It is important that Rajasthan, which represents India’s past glory, should also represent India’s future,” he said.

This won’t take place until Rajasthan as a whole, from Mewar to Marwar, reaches new levels of growth and is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, according to the prime minister. He also mentioned the recent, successful G20 summit that took place in Jodhpur and emphasized Suncity Jodhpur’s appeal to both domestic and foreign travelers.

The prime minister paid respects to Veer Durgadas’ homeland. He cited the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and the Jamnagar Expressway as instances of high-tech infrastructure in Rajasthan when referring to the infrastructure projects undertaken by the Centre.

According to PM Modi, the budget for Rajasthan’s railways this year is approximately Rs 9,500 crore, which is a 14-fold increase over the average budget of past governments. His government has already electrified more than 3,700 km of train lines in the past nine years, he said, noting that 600 km of rail lines in Rajasthan had been electrified from independence through 2014.

“Now, electric trains will run on these tracks instead of diesel engine trains”, the Prime Minister said and noted that it will help in reducing pollution and keeping the air clean in the state. Under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, the Prime Minister said more than 80 railway stations in Rajasthan are being redeveloped. He reiterated the government’s commitment to redeveloping railway stations which are frequented by the poor.

The train and road projects would accelerate the rate of growth in the state, the prime minister emphasized. He emphasized how the doubling of rail lines has cut down on train travel time and underlined the recent flagging off of the Runicha Express, which connects Jaisalmer to Delhi, and a new heritage train, which runs between Marwar Jn. and Khambli Ghat and the Vande Bharat Express.

He also mentioned the construction of the New Terminal Building at Jodhpur Airport as well as the laying of the cornerstones for three road projects today.
PM Modi emphasized that the initiatives will help to revitalize the state’s tourism industry while also boosting the regional economy and opening up new employment possibilities.