Rajasthan International Center: where culture meets excellence


The Rajasthan International Center, inaugurated by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Jhalana earlier this year, has now become a premier destination for a variety of events in Jaipur, often referred to as the Pink City. The primary aim behind establishing this centre is to raise Rajasthan’s profile on the international stage.
When Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot laid the foundation stone, his vision was to develop this centre along the lines of the Delhi International Center. In just six months, the Rajasthan International Center (RIC) has evolved into a versatile venue accommodating events ranging from local to international levels. With an investment of 140 crores, this centre has quickly become a magnet of attraction among the public. Notably, even amidst its international aura, the RIC proudly showcases the rich Rajasthani culture in every aspect.
The Gehlot government aims to elevate Rajasthan to a position of global recognition, hoping that RIC will become an attraction hub, much like the Delhi International Center.
These days, the Rajasthan International Center has transformed into a place where various events take place, ranging from conferences to fashion shows. It has hosted prominent figures, from Rajasthan’s top leaders to India’s President and Vice President. Renowned personalities like Veeru Devgan and Farhan Akhtar have also praised the beauty of this place.
At RIC, along with the main auditorium, there are multiple facilities including a convention hall, multipurpose hall, two mini auditoriums, two conference halls, a board meeting hall, an exhibition hall, a lecture hall, and a state-of-the-art e-library. It can accommodate up to 2,000 people at once. Additionally, there are two restaurants where you can enjoy the scenic views.
Besides art and culture, RIC can host events related to education, conferences, society events, and NGO-related activities. However, religious and political events are not permitted at this venue.
Every painting at RIC showcases the uniqueness of Rajasthan. What’s remarkable is that all these artworks are intricately crafted in stone by local artisans.
RIC sponsors some events itself, and this initiative started in July. The inception of this event was with Amol Parekar. The theatre for this event is named the ‘Weekend Theater,’ providing people with an opportunity to showcase their talents at RIC.