Rajasthan: Couple alleges forced religious conversion in Alwar, probe initiated

An FIR is lodged by a couple in Rjasthan’s Alwar saying that their parents are pressurising them to convert to another religion and stopping them from worshipping their gods. The parents have already converted their religion earlier, according to the police.

“A complaint was registered by a couple against their parents, alleging that they are being forced into religious conversion, and not allowed to worship their gods,” SP Tejaswini Gautam said on Thursday. Following the FIR further investigation into the matter has been undertaken, the officials said. The official said that an FIR has been registered and an investigation into the matter has been undertaken.

“An FIR has been registered and an investigation into the matter is underway. Prima facie the case looks like that of family issues,” she said.

Sonu, the person who lodged an FIR, said that his parents had converted to Christianity nearly two years ago and they forced them (the couple) to convert as well while also creating hindrances in following their religious beliefs and customs.

“Some members of my family have adopted Christianity. They protest against us when we pray to god. They even tamper with the pictures of our gods. They force us to convert. We want to live with Hindu customs. But they create problems. They tell us not to follow Hinduism,” he said.

The parents threaten to boycott them if the couple refused to agree to them.

“A case came to the notice of Vishwa Hindu Parishad that there is a family in 60 Feet Harijan area where the parents are making their children onvert to Christianity. But in the same family, other members follow Christianity. When the children worship their gods, they break the photos of the gods and stop them from praying. They tell them not to worship at home,” Dilip Modi, district president of Vishwa Hindu Parisha said.

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