Rajasthan CM criticises PM, HM; says he fulfilled 70% promises


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot came down heavily on the Modi government, saying that those dreaming of a ‘Congress-mukt’ India will disappear themselves. Gehlot justified Rahul Gandhi’s concern about the politicisation of religion.

He said that the politics of religion is dangerous for democracy with every single individual being scared. Gehlot alleged that only two individuals — Narendra Modi and Amit Shah — are calling the shots, and central agencies are being used for political purposes.

Gehlot was speaking to media persons on the completion of three years of his government. While listing his achievements, the CM also assured journalists of all kinds of cooperation. Gehlot claimed that his government has fulfilled 70% of the promises of the manifesto. He said his efforts to control the Covid pandemic evoked admiration from all quarters in the country. “His government is ready to deal with the next wave of the coronavirus if it happens,” Gehlot said. He stressed the need to follow Covid appropriate behaviours to prevent the disease. Gehlot further said that it was he who had raised the demand for booster doses and vaccination for children. Other countries have already started giving booster doses and vaccines to children, he said. Gehlot added that the Centre should give vaccines to kids of other age groups as well. The Centre should reduce the gap for the booster dose as well, he added.

The CM said that there should not be any politics with regard to the pandemic. Sharing his achievement in the education sector, Gehlot said that schools having more than 500 girls will be upgraded as colleges. He announced that he would start a school in Jaipur. Gehlot said the Centre should change its approach towards states and should be more cooperative. He alleged that the Centre has changed the funding pattern as a result of which states got weakened financially. The pandemic and GST made the matter worse for the state. Gehlot said that his government worked extremely well in the energy sector. He claimed to have provided one lakh jobs. Gehlot alleged that the BJP is working to destabilise the government in Rajasthan. “One minister is not giving his voice sample so far,” he said. Gehlot claimed that there is no negativity against his government among people.