Rahul Gandhi’s reaction to India-Bharat name row 

Rahul Gandhi

The India-Bharat name dispute is a panic reaction and demonstrates the government’s insecurity, said Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in response to a question during a press conference in Brussels.

“I am perfectly happy with the name in the constitution — India that is Bharat. This works perfectly well for me. These to me in a sense are panic reactions. There is a little bit of fear in the government.

“These are distraction tactics. We of course came up with the name INDIA for our coalition and it’s a fantastic idea. This represents who we are. We consider ourselves to be the voice of India. So the name works very well,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“But it surely disturbed the prime minister enough that he wants to change the name of the country which is absurd. But that’s what it is,” Gandhi further added.

Every time the opposition raises the topic of Adani, crony capitalism, PM Modi comes up with some ‘dramatic, new’ diversion strategy, according to Rahul Gandhi. “It’s odd that this entire diversion is taking place just after I gave a press conference on Mr Adani.” “It’s fascinating,” Rahul Gandhi stated.

The issue erupted after a G20 invitation referred to President Droupadi Murmu as President of Bharat rather than India. Bharat was cited instead of India in a paper on PM Modi’s Indonesia visit, as Narendra Modi was referred to as the prime minister of Bharat, not India.

The Bharat versus India debate is purely speculative, as there has been no indication from the administration that the name will be changed.

PM Modi has also instructed ministers to exhibit caution in the midst of the present discussion. Because the government has convened a special session of Parliament from September 18 to 22, it has been believed that there may be a move to rename India Bharat.

The notion has been supported by BJP leaders, but the opposition has questioned whether the name change was spurred by the name of the opposition alliance INDIA.