After the loss at the second day of the Pro Tennis league, Team Radiant outperformed Stag Babolat Yoddhas by 6-0. While Parv Nege and Saketh Myneni won their respective matches along with doubles, the tie turning the fortune in Radiant’s favour was of Suraj Prabodh from Pro Man-2 who after being down 0-2, went on to win the next 5 matches out of 6.

Team Radiant was determined to fight back after not living upto expectations at the first two days. Their mentor Yannick sat with team owners and players last night to plan a strategy for this. When they woke up in the morning, they all were pumped up and ready to roar. So, when they walked on court, they ruled the centre court completely decimating the opponent Stag Babolat Yoddhas by winning all six matches which is a record in PTL.

The team’s mentor Yannick said, “we were on the verge of elimination but after the team meeting, we were confident of our performance though 6-nil was never expected. Now we have to keep the momentum.” Visibly jubilant team owner Raadhika Khetarpal said, “it’s a classic case of underdogs making a comeback. Yes, our team was in the zone and eying finals in the very first outing at PTL.”

In another court, Banglore Challengers continued its dominance on the court and beat DMG Crusaderson the third day, winning 5 of their 6 matches. In the Next Gen category Parv Nage defeated ITF Junior Ranked 97 player Nishant Dabas by a score of 5-3. In the Pro- Men 1 Category, Saketh Myneni of Team Radiant edged out Vijay Sundar Prashant in a 5-4(5) tiebreaker match. Team Radiant’s last match of the day concluded with a Mixed Doubles win in which Arjun Uppal partnered with Prerna Bhabri and beat Nishant Goel and Vanshika Chaudhary.

In the Pro- men 1 category Niki Poonacha triumphed over Vishnu Vardhan with a score of 5-3. Paras Dahiya of Bangalore Challengers conquered the match with a 5-1 victory against Karan Singh of DMG Crusaders. Lastly, the exceptional Mixed Doubles duo of Dilip Mohanty and Sai Samhitha who whitewashed their opponent in Day 2 continued their winning spell on Day 3 after a 5-1 win over Rishi Kapur and Kashish Bhatia.

Indian Aviators continue their winning form on Day 3 beating Sankara and receiving a spot on the semi-finals. After the third day of the league they ranked first on Group A with 5 major wins out of the six matches. In the Next gen category Ajay Malik beat Shivank Bhatnagar of Sankara by a score of 5-3. Indian professional Tennis player Sriram Balaji edged out a win from Sankara’s Arjun Kadhe in a tiebreaker thrilling match by a score of 5- 4(4). Siddhant Banthia’s match against Parikshit Somani in which Aviators received their final win with a close score of 5-4(4).

ProVeri Super Smashers with a comeback on the third day made their entry into the semi-finals after beating Sapphire Superstars and gaining 6 points. The Super Smashers placed second in Group A and India’s number Tennis player performed outstandingly. Ramkumar Ramanathan beat Jeevan N in the Pro- Men 1 category with a result of 5-3. Ramkumar Ramanathan once more in a dedicated match partnered with Nitin Kumar Sinha beat Sapphire’s duo of Jeevan N and Prithvi Shekhar. ProVeri’s last victory came from Nitin Kumar Sinha who dominated the court against Prithvi Shekhar which resulted in a 5-1 win.

On Day 4 of the League the semi-finals will be played. The teams which will face each other in the semi-finals of the Pro Tennis League are Indian Aviators and Team Radiant.

The second semi-finals will be played by ProVeri Super Smashers and Bangalore Challengers.