Quranic verses found in firecrackers, police launch investigation


After discovering Quranic verses in firecrackers, Mumbai’s Dharavi Police have opened a case under Section 295 of the IPC against an unidentified person. Police said that this action was taken in response to a complaint from a local resident who discovered religious text—more precisely, passages from the Quran—on the remains of firecrackers that had been set off during the Diwali festivities. The complainant and his friends saw someone setting off firecrackers during Diwali. He said that it was rumored that pages from the Quran were used to make firecrackers, which caused verses from the holy Quran to burst among the crackers.

“The complainant, Salman stated that when he saw the paper that came out of the burst firecracker, he found something written in Urdu and Arabic. He suspected that it might be verses from the Quran or content from Hadith. Following this, he along with his friend went to a Maulana, showed him all the pieces of paper and expressed their suspicion. The Maulana confirmed that it was indeed a verse from the Quran,” police said.