Quiche Time at L’Opera


If new food entrepreneurs have turned cloud kitchens into a viable business model, then established brands are discovering new markets through the home delivery model. Take L’Opera, which I believe is one of the country’s finest chain of stores for classical French confectionery. As its name suggests, you can’t get a better Opera anywhere else, or a more wholesome Lemon Tart or Raspberry Mousse, and, if you’re vegan, you must have the Vanilla Raspberry Verrine. 

But now you could have a complete party delivered at home, starting with salads (my Chicken Caesar was garden fresh), submarinestyle sandwiches, and some of the best quiches on offer in our part of the world (that too in family sizes). Whether it is the Chicken Quiche or its Eggless Mushroom cousin, or my favourite Roast Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese Tart, the savouries compete with the desserts that have defined the character of L’Opera.