Investors exuded a lot of enthusiasm during the last domestic roadshow of the team of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held in Chandigarh on Friday in run up to the Global Investors Summit, to be held in Lucknow from 10–12 February , as part of the CM’s mission to develop Uttar Pradesh into a $1 trillion economy.

The investors evinced keen interest in investing in the state. According to investors, Uttar Pradesh has undergone significant changes during the past six years. They said that the manner in which CM Yogi promotes business in Uttar Pradesh is a national model in itself, promising to collaborate with CM Yogi in making Uttar Pradesh India’s growth engine. Harish Agarwal, Chief Managing Director, Asian Cements Limited, said that “Yogi ji is a dynamic Chief Minister, the way he is promoting industries in UP is a model in itself.

Today, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, law and order in Uttar Pradesh has improved considerably, and crime rates have decresed. There is an abun- dance of skilled workers, which has made it even easier for the industrialists to set up units. We have signed an MoU today to invest in Uttar Pradesh. We will set up a plant on 10 to 15 acres in UP.”

Deep Narayan Sharma, Managing Director of Bio-
genta Lifescience Pvt Ltd, stated that crime have de-creased in UP because of effective policing provided by the Yogi government in the last 5-6 years.

The single window system and fast track approval have made it simpler to establish a business in Uttar Pradesh, he added. “The Yogi government has worked diligently to ensure UP is one step closer to being the best state in the country. We are the residents of UP only. We also have industries in Himachal, but given Yogi ji’s encouragement to investors, we have considered investing in UP to benefit our society and the state. For this, we have signed two MoUs for investment in formulation and API plants.” Raman Singla, Director of Compaq Technologies India Limited, said that a lot has been accomplished in Uttar Pradesh in the last 5–6 years. “Air, road, and water connectivity have improved. Infrastructure growth has produced a business-friendly environment. Under Yogi Ji’s capable leadership, UP will become India’s growth engine, successfully shaping its economy to one trillion dollars.

Additionally, it will be crucial in attaining
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of growing the country’s GDP to $5 trillion,” Singla remarked.

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