Punjab Govt to hold Military Literature Festival across districts, universities

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday announced the expansion of the ambit of the Military Literature Festival (MLF) by hosting it at district and University levels
across the state.
The Chief Minister, while chairing the felicitation ceremony of the Military Literature Festival here today, congratulated the organising committee for holding this mega event every year.
“In the future, the state government will hold this festival at the district and university level to apprise the youth about the rich legacy of our Armed Forces and rekindle the motivating spirit for joining the Army in them,” he said.
Bhagwant Mann said that this is the need of the hour to imbibe a feeling of nationalism and patriotism amongst youth thereby inspiring them to join
the Armed forces.
Lauding the pivotal role of the Armed forces in making India the biggest and most successful democracy in the world, the Chief Minister said that democracy had
thrived in India successfully because the Armed forces have played a
key role in safeguarding
its ethos.
He said that apart from safeguarding the borders of the country, the Armed forces have also upheld the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Bhagwant Mann said that due to this, only India has today emerged as the most successful democracy across the globe.
Citing the example of Pakistan, the Chief Minister said that democracy has never survived there as the Army has toppled the elected governments in the neighbouring country a number of times. However, he said that on the contrary in India, democracy has been a successful phenomenon due to the active role of the Armed forces. Bhagwant Mann said that due to this, only a common man like him has today become Chief Minister
of the state.
The Chief Minister also hailed the Indian Army for its dedication, commitment and patriotism. Likewise, he said that the bravery and heroism of the Indian army find no parallel in the world. Bhagwant Mann said that the Indian armed forces have scripted several inspirational stories
with their valour.
The Chief Minister further said that every countryman is indebted to the Indian armed forces for their unparalleled contribution towards the service of the nation. He said that when each one of us is sleeping soundly with our families, the Armed forces are protecting our borders by braving scorching heat and freezing cold weather conditions.
Bhagwant Mann said, “As a humble tribute to the brave soldiers who had laid their lives for safeguarding borders of the country and maintaining law and order, the state government has enhanced honorarium given to the families of martyred soldiers to Rs. 1 crore.”
The Chief Minister said that this was a humble initiative on part of the state government to pay tribute to these valiant soldiers who attain martyrdom during the line of duty. Bhagwant Mann said that this step is aimed at giving huge relief to the distressed family of the martyred soldier. He further said that the state government is duty-bound to help the families of the soldiers who sacrifice their lives at the altar of the motherland.
The Chief Minister also recalled his strong ties with the Army veterans and armed forces. He said that one of his uncles (Mama ji) had served in the Indian army. Likewise, Bhagwant Mann also said that he was fortunate to have a decorated war veteran officer as his neighbour in
SAS Nagar (Mohali).
On the occasion, the Chief Minister also released books and felicitated eminent persons who had participated in the fest.

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