Protest Erupts Against Pakistan’s Ceasefire Violations


In protest against the recent ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces in the Arnia sector of Jammu, several organizations, including the Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena, staged a protest demonstration in Jammu. Led by Rakesh Bajrangi, the Jammu and Kashmir Head of Bajrang Dal, the activists raised slogans against Pakistan and set fire to a Pakistani flag to express their outrage.
Rakesh Bajrangi stated in a media interaction, “Pakistan has once again resorted to cowardly actions and targeted innocent civilians in border villages. The Indian government should openly respond to these acts and give Pakistan a befitting reply.” He further urged the Indian government to learn from Israel’s decisive actions against Hamas terrorists and how Israel is teaching them a lesson. He believes that Pakistan should also face a similar action in response to their aggression.
In Jammu, Shiv Sena activists also protested against Pakistan’s ceasefire violations, demanding that the Indian military should be given the freedom to stop Pakistan’s nefarious intentions. Manish Sharma, the President of Shiv Sena in Jammu and Kashmir, expressed concerns about Pakistan repeatedly targeting innocent civilians in border areas and emphasized that such actions should not be tolerated. The protests underscore the growing demand for the Indian government to take firm action against Pakistan, particularly in response to ceasefire violations that endanger the lives of innocent people.