Promotions should be based ON performance: Yogi


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to expedite the filling of vacant posts across all departments and asked the officials to complete their departmental promotions by 30 September.
While reviewing the department-wise personnel arrangements with the Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries of all the departments on Monday, the Chief Minister gave several guidelines.
CM Yogi said, “Lack of human resources in government departments has an adverse effect on departmental efficiency and public interest. Delays in appointments not only increase the backlog, but the youth also do not get opportunities as per their abilities. Therefore, it is necessary that every department take the appointment process forward in time. Also review the information received from the districts regarding vacancies.”
UP CM also emphasized the need for a comprehensive assessment of necessary vacancies at every level, spanning from village and city to district and government departments. “Through the Appointment and Personnel Department, detailed reports of vacancies/prevailing appointment process in all departments and required human resources should be made available to the Chief Minister’s Office,” he added.
He further said that the system of E-adhiyachan (requisitions) has been implemented to simplify the appointment process and should be used. Before sending the requisition for appointment, the reservation rules should be carefully examined.
“Numerous new positions in departments like urban development must be created in light of the changing times. Action should be taken accordingly. Chakbandi Lekhpals (consolidation accountants) in the Revenue Department should be properly trained. The ongoing selection process for various posts in the Police department should be completed by next December,” he added.
CM said that time-bound promotion is a part of government service. Every employee should get their benefits on time.
“Make performance the basis for promotion. This year, the process of promotion at the level of Chief Secretary/Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary/Head of Department or Public Service Commission should be completed by September 30 in every case,” he said.
He further said that the additional personnel in departments should be accommodated in other departments as per the rules. “If eligible candidates are not found in the posts for promotion, then deputation should be considered. Relaxation in promotion can also be done as per requirement,” he said. “In order to speed up the recruitment process, there was a need to use technology further to reduce the amount of time spent on it. The training capacity also needs to be increased,” CM Yogi said.