Pro-Khalistani outreach bars foreign govts from taking action


A meticulously planned sustained campaign that is being funded and collaborated by pro-Khalistan groups that are based in the United Kingdom and Canada is being executed to put pressure on government heads and departments in both these countries from taking action against the Khalistani terrorists.
This has happened after it emerged that the Rishi Sunak government has decided to come down heavily on these terror groups that for years have been flourishing in the United Kingdom
Sources based in London told the Daily Guardian that in the past few months the local media and socialmedia is witnessing massive increase in pro-Khalistani content and a surge in disinformation warfare targeting India.
This event has coincided with the emergence of Khalistani entity Amrit Pal Singh back home.
All these contents have a common theme; of India violently suppressing individuals and groups that are demanding a separate Khalistan.
Officials have identified multiple Youtube ‘journalists’, Twitter users, who are associated with local organizations that are churning out content in support of Khalistani groups.
Some of these ‘media’ groups and ‘journalists’ , investigation has revealed, were infact present at the Indian High Commission building in London last month when it was attacked by Khalistani groups. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating this attack.
Sources told the Daily Guardian a radical group, “Sikh Youth UK’, based out of Birmingham, is at the forefront of anti-India activities in the UK. In September 2019, the founder of this group, Kaldip Singh Lehal and his sister Rajbinder Kaur were charged by the counter-terror police for money laundering worth £50,000 in the name Sikh charitable donations. Charges were also slapped on the founders for providing false or misleading information to the Charity Commission for England and Wales since it is not a registered entity.
Another entity that has been found to be an active member of this Khalistani group is Amneet Kaur Saini, who is working as a ‘writer’ for a Birmingham based news website that covers local news. Kaur had participated in the protest cum vandalism that was organized outside the Indian High Commission in London. The protests were organized to oppose the Punjab Police attempt to arrest the pro-Khalistani hardliner Amritpal Singh. During the protests, pro-Khalistani groups tried to vandalize the Indian flag at the Indian High Commission.
She also has been a vocal supporter of the release of Jagtar Singh Johal aka Jaggi Johal, who was arrested by Punjab Police on 4 November 2017 for murdering a former Indian army Brigadier (retd) Jagdish Gagneja. Johal was arrested on the basis of intelligence inputs that were provided by the British MI5 and MI6 to the Indian agencies. It is alleged that he is a vital member of the pro-Khalistani terror organization Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF).
Saini did not respond to this newspaper’s mail seeking her version on the matter.
It has emerged that these protests saw the participation of members of various pro-Khalistani groups, such as Sikh Youth UK, Federation of Sikh Youths, and Sikh Youth Jathebandia. Similarly, overseas agencies had identified multiple YouTube entities like @SatlujTV which has now been shut down. These channels were propagating Khalistan sentiments.
Significantly, these Khalistani groups, have arranged a public letter that has been purportedly signed by members of 350 plus UK based Sikh Organizations in which they have asked Rishi Sunak ‘to stop calling them as terrorists’.
However, inquiry has revealed that many of the people and organizations never signed this letter. The said letter and its content were devised by the officials of Pakistan intelligence agencies in order to to tie the Khalistani cause to Sikh sentiments and stop Sunak administration from taking steps to control the Khalistani terror groups.