President Murmu pays a visit to Belur Math in Howrah, Bengal


During her first two-day tour to West Bengal, President Droupadi Murmu paid a visit to Belur Math in Howrah on Tuesday.

“She will also attend the celebration of UCO Bank’s 80th anniversary in Kolkata later in the day,” an official release said on Sunday. The President will travel to Santiniketan to attend Visva-Bharati’s yearly convocation, according to the officials.
On Monday, President Droupadi Murmu arrived in Kolkata for a two-day tour to West Bengal. She was greeted by State Governor CV Ananda Bose and Minister Firhad Hakim.
Murmu stated on Monday that the residents of the state have always been educated and progressive.

“The Bengalis are cultured and progressive.” Bengal has produced immortal revolutionaries on the one hand and renowned scientists on the other. Bengal’s remarkable pioneers have found new ways and methods in many fields, from politics to the justice system, science to philosophy, spirituality to sports, culture to business, journalism to literature, cinema, music, drama, painting, and other art forms,” she said on the first day of her visit to the state.

On the same day, Murmu attended a civic reception held in her honor by the Government of West Bengal in Kolkata.
The President thanked the administration and the people of West Bengal for their warm welcome.
The president went on to praise the state, stating that sacrifice and martyrdom, culture, and education have been life ideals in Bengal.

“Even after reaching the pinnacle of success, the people of Bengal maintain their connection with their soil and continue to add to Mother India’s glory. The Bengali people have always prioritized the ideals of social justice, equality, and self-respect,” she added.
The President expressed her delight at the renaming of a street on Kolkata’s old East Esplanade as “Sido-Kanhu-Dahar.”
President Murmu paid a visit to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari region on March 19.

“It was a memorable experience for me to visit the iconic Vivekananda Rock memorial.” “I marvel at the greatness of the late Eknath Ranade Ji, who was instrumental in the construction of the spiritually charged complex,” the President’s official Twitter account said earlier this month.
President Murmu had previously visited Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Lakshadweep from March 16 to March 21.