Powerful words can energize and heal

Words are so much more powerful than we realise.  Each word has an impact, a vibration, and can affect the self and others in deeply felt ways.
Whether it is our inner conversation or a conversation with someone about our health, relationships, career, finances, or whatever we talk about, we must learn to use the highest vocabulary we are aware of. If we speak about what we would like to be and to accomplish, although it may not be our current reality, wonderful changes can take place.
Every day, we can choose and speak aloud a positive, pure thought, and visualise ourselves as this thought. We can learn to use only powerful thoughts for our inner dialogue, such as…
“I am a special soul”, “Changing habits is simple for me”, “Everything is perfect.” “I am on time”, “I am successful.” “Of course, I will do it.” “I will complete it.”“I always do it well.” “My body is perfectly healthy.” “My meal is healthy and tasty.”
Such powerful, positive words energise us and have a healing effect on our mind and body. The longer we concentrate and merge these kinds of thoughts within, the more energy we acquire, which is quite amazing. Every thought and word we have becomes a blessing and a reality for us.Others are inspired to be their best after hearing our words of appreciation and congratulations.
However, our behaviour and speech are 80% unconscious; only 20% of the time do we have conscious awareness of what we are thinking and feeling.As we talk, listen to something, speak on the phone, and so on, our free space of awareness is often used up with limited things, and we continue to lose spiritual energy. We may then look for solace in old habits, substance addictions, overworking, and attachments to external things and people. When we lose confidence, we become downhearted and demotivated.
We need to learn to pay attention, but without tension. We can learn to be conscious and build inner strength. Recognise useless thoughts and replace them with a spiritual perspective. We can free ourselves from attachments. Our minds get disturbed when we do not live with integrity, which is when we behave contrary to what we deeply believe.
Mahatma Ghandi said, «Be the change you wish to see in the world.» We turn inwards when we realise our true identity as the separate inner being sitting in this physical body, which is the soul.We take time to rest and centre the mind, heart, and emotions, as well as connect with the divine, the Highest Soul, God, and fill ourselves with His spiritual power.Our inner space becomes clean with meditation; a peaceful, safe place of comfort is experienced within the self. We see ourselves moving forward and changing. This is the greatest gift I can give to myself: using the power of thought to be how I want to be and to live how I want to live, with integrity. When I begin to live like this, I have confidence in myself. My head and heart are in sync. My thoughts, words, and actions are all consistent.
Chirya Yvonne Risely is a Rajyoga meditation teacher, based at the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center, USA.

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