Poster war resumes in MP taking election campaigning to a new low

The campaign of BJP and Congress is gradually intensifying in Madhya Pradesh as elections are drawing closer. Both political parties are not allowing their campaign machinery to weaken at any level, which is giving rise to new election antics like poster war.
While Congress is using social media for campaigning. On the other hand, the BJP is targeting the corruption and failures of Congress tenure and is trying to highlight achievements and works of the government in the last 19 years by covering the entire Madhya Pradesh with its leaders through Jan Ashirwad Yatras. They are also banking on the nine years of work of the Modi government at the Center both at the national and international level.
While campaigning intensively, the political parties have breached political correctness in their campaigning system. Be it social media or poster making or war of words, both the parties are lowering their levels in Madhya Pradesh. Recently, poster war has erupted in the state to demean opposition.
The Congress has put a poster featuring CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s pic, where it was written that they should scan and get the work done by paying 50 percent commission. In response, BJP has now used posters inspired by Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan, to declare Kamal Nath as Corruption Nath. This poster is stealing the headlines of Madhya Pradesh elections and accentuating the poster war before elections. BJP replaced Shahrukh Khan with the face of Kamal Nath in the new posters. The style is similar to that of Shahrukh Khan and at the bottom instead of the jawan it is written “Evil of Corruption”. Many such posters are being discussed in the politics of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on social media. This is also debatable. The question is whether these posters really make any difference to the public or the voters and whether their thinking changes, but it is certain that the level of election campaign system in Indian politics is continuously falling to a new low.

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