Positive attitude is the success mantra

The series of events that an individual goes through makes life, until we are living those moments and events that is the bustle of life, as soon as it is over it becomes part of the life. How that part of life will impact them will depend on their mind set or attitude. We come across people who are our colleagues, house helps, neighbours, acquaintances and sometimes friends and relatives, they have this peculiar habit of complaining about something or everything. They have problem for every solution.
They are enjoying good health but still be worried or grumpy about trivial issues they might be facing like acidity or indigestion. They might have everything in life but still they will be cribbing about food they eat; house they live in or people they live with or about the jobs they have or people they work with.What makes these people behave like this, is their attitude.
An individual’s attitude is his or her way of looking at things in life. There are some people who can find positivity in everything and there are some people who can only see negativity in everything. Now the million-dollar question is, whether this trait is acquired or inherent and if something can be done about it. How Attitudes are formed? According to social psychology, attitudes are formed through personal experiences, societal norms or pressures, formal education, conditional occurrences and reflections. Attitude of a person is very vehemently reflected in his or her behaviour and is quite influential to the roadmap to success be it in career or in relationships.
An attitude of a person is like root of the tree it is not visible above the ground but how firmly that tree will be able to face the winds of change is determined by the strength of its roots. Attitude is transferable and with conscious effort we can change it too. It has been established through a study of behaviours that skills and knowledge contribute only 15 percent towards the success rest of 85 percent depends upon the attitude of an individual.
Some tips to turn around your negative thoughts to positive one – stop complaining, instead be grateful for countless blessings. Surround yourself with positivity, read and listen to motivational stuff or music, it helps. Try start and end each day with some positive activity, turning negativity into positivity.
Life is all about choices we make and decisions we take, our attitude plays an important role in the outcomes of these choices and decisions. We all can write our stories the way we want to, isn’t it motivating enough to feel and act positively.
Indu Bhargava has almost 23 years of professional experience in the field of training, counseling, education, journalism, and corporate communications.

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