Poor nomads come forward to help others in corona times

At this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole country is united and is intending to help each other. The case of the Gadhiya Lohar community, which has been living a nomadic life for centuries, is a classic example. By saving from their own rations, the Gadhiya Lohars collected Rs 51,000.

They donated the money to the Delhi officials of Seva Bharati and Mahamana Malaviya Mission on the birth anniversary of Marana Pratap, whose army their ancestors had joined to fight the Mughals. Mahamana Malaviya Mission, an alumni organisation of Kashi Hindu University, Indraprastha, has been doing service work among this community for a long time.

In this phase of the epidemic, the Mission, along with the subsidiary organisation Seva Bharati of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has been distributing relief material among this nomadic community in Delhi. On this occasion, the organisation minister of the Delhi province of Seva Bharati said, “The real strength of this country is not in the government but the society.

Whenever there is a crisis in the nation, the whole country becomes one. Everyone extends a helping hand to each other. This donation of the Gadhiya Lohar community will be remembered by many generations to come.” While giving the donation amount, Deepak Kumar of the Gadhiya Lohar community reminded the sacrifices his ancestors had made for the country.

“Today the country and society are in crisis again, so it is our responsibility to do something for the society. Gadhiya Lohars are originally from Mewar, Rajasthan. They were in Maharana Pratap’s army in the 16th century and had fought valiantly the Mughal army of Emperor Akbar. These days, they survive by putting up tents on the side of the roads.

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