Polling officer and team attacked in Karnataka’s Ramanagara

In Ramanagara, Karnataka, a poll worker and his team were attacked, and ballots were taken


In the Ramanagara district, an election official and his team were attacked and robbed as they made their way to the polling place to cast their votes for the Milk Producers’ Union director. The officer and his team were on their way to the voting location for the Hullenahalli milk producers’ cooperative society elections in the Ramanagara district on Wednesday when the incident occurred, according to the Ramanagara district superintendent of police.

250 ballots and two laptops, according to the police official, were stolen in this incident. According to police, “four accused have been identified, and a case has been registered against them for attempted murder and obstruction of government work.” After 23 years, the Hullenahalli Milk Producers Cooperative Association held elections for the position of director. The matter is currently the subject of more investigation.