Politics over Yamuna in Chhath Puja


The Chhath Puja has returned, but Yamuna is still dirty. The holy Yamuna stinks, water bodies are dying, and government officials say the next Chhath Puja will be held in a clean and pious Yamuna. The Yamuna is getting filthy not only from the factory waste of Delhi but also from the more dirty politics of Delhi.
A day before the LG, VK Saxena of Delhi said that, ‘CM Arvind Kejriwa is misleading the people to gain cheap publicity regarding the Chhath Puja offerings.’ Then and there, AAP leaders picked up the LGs’ words and started pulling them down. Actually, LG has issued an order that Chhath Puja be held only on designated Yamuna ghats, and he has asked CM Kejriwal to ensure clean ghats and clean water for the devotees.LG has warned his followers not to be misled. In a tweet, CM Arvind Kejriwal had written that “Chhath Puja can be performed anywhere on the river Yamuna.”
LG VK Saxena raised strong objections and cautioned CM Kejriwal not to create confusion among devotees. The Aam Admi Party officially objected, claiming that LG was lowering the Chair’s dignity by using such derogatory and abusive language about CM Kejriwal. AAP leaders did not stop here.