Policewoman saves man’s life in Gwalior

A boy fainted on the road in Gwalior after which a woman police officer on duty saved a man’s life by giving him Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

“I was on duty at a checkpoint near a temple. During my duty, a boy came running to me. He said that a man was lying unconscious on the road. I rushed to the spot and found him unconscious on the road. There was no movement,” Sonam Prasar, Subedar Traffic Police said.

“During our training, we were taught how to deal with such emergency-like situations. So I immediately decided to give him CPR,” Prasar said.

‘He apparently experienced chest pain. As soon as I started the CPR, he started to regain consciousness,” a woman officer said.

Meanwhile, the boy regained full consciousness and answered the question of the woman officer about how is he feeling, the boy replied, “I am reeling under the pain.”

“First medical aid (CPR) to such patients helps to save them before being admitted to hospital for further treatment,” Prasar added.

Moreover, the man who fell unconscious has been identified as Anil Upadhyay a local resident, and later Upadhyay was taken to the hospital.

“I spoke with him over the phone and enquired about his health. His Electrocardiogram (ECG) has been conducted. He is fine. He has been discharged now,” Sonam stated.

However, Upadhyay expressed gratitude towards the traffic officer for saving his life.

‘They were very happy. That I have saved the life of a member of their family. They gave their blessings and best wishes to me,” Sonam said.

“We are also humans. Our job is to serve the people of this country. We always keep this in our mind,” Sonam said.

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