Police Arrest Extortionist Posing as Gangster Goldie Barad in Punjab


Police arrested a person who attempted to extort money from liquor shop owners by claiming to be gangster Goldie Barad. When the police signalled him to stop, he tried to escape on a motorcycle and fired at the police. The police had to fire back, injuring the suspect in the leg, and subsequently arrested him.
A few days ago, there was an attempt to set fire to two liquor shops in Faridkot, Punjab. Additionally, the liquor shop owners received extortion demands over the phone, claiming to be from gangster Goldie Barad. The police registered cases on October 11th in Kotkapura and October 12th in Faridkot regarding these incidents. During the investigation, six individuals were arrested, but the main suspect, Akashdeep from Kotkapura, was still at large. Another suspect, Vicky, from Kotkapura, has also been named in the case.
SSP Harjeet Singh explained that the suspects made these extortion demands by pretending to be gangsters to intimidate the liquor shop owners. This plan was made due to internal disputes with the employees of liquor shop owners, to cause them harm. They made extortion demands using the name of gangster Goldie Barad, but it has not been confirmed whether they have any actual connections to him. Further investigations are ongoing in this matter.