PoK : Zulfiqar Haider Raja joins united kashmir people’s national party


Zulfiqar Haider Raja, a nationalist politician, joined the United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) on Monday at a ceremony in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
In a news statement, UKPNP central spokesperson Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan remarked, “With great enthusiasm and warm regards, UKPNP extends a heartfelt welcome to Zulfiqar Haider Raja as he joins our party.”

“We assure him of our unwavering cooperation and full support as we embark on this collective journey towards a better future for the people of Kashmir,” Khan added.
Zulfiqar Haider Raja, a nationalist leader, has great experience and wisdom gained through years of dedicated political leadership.

UKPNP spokesperson further said, “We firmly believe that his (Raja’s) inclusion in the UKPNP will be a valuable asset to our party, further strengthening our efforts to serve our people and protection and promotion of their rights”.

The statement acknowledges Zulfiqar Haider Raja’s decision to join the UKPNP and he expresses gratitude to Sardar Ishtiaq Hussain, Amjad Gardaizi, Salma Hamid, and others for their role in making the union possible. Sardar Amjad Yousaf and Muhammad Riaz Khan were present at the event. The UKPNP, led by Chairman Shaukat Ali Kashmir, advocates for the human rights of people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir at international platforms, including the United Nations.