Poetic Iridescence of Mother India


Arbind Kumar Choudhary who has been found better than ever due to the creation of Arbindonean Racy Style of Versification, Indianised version of Arbindonean Sonnets and, above all, The Phrasal Movement in Indian English poetry, has been awarded with the crown of the Universal Ambassador of Peace by the president Gabrielle Simond of Geneva based duo organizations –Universal Ambassador Peace Circle and Universal Peace Embassy excluding a number of prizes in America, China and India.
The inclusion of his two poetry collections out of eleven – Majuli: The Vatican City of Assam and Mother India- that have been included for the courses of B.A and M.A in English speaks volumes about his magnetic poetic personality for the verse –suitors and the critics alike.
Mother India is one of the best examples of Indianized version of Arbindonean sonnets in which the sonneteer has highlighted the cultural heraldry of Indian territory to its almost degrees? Mahatma Gandhi who pays supreme sacrifice for the fragrance of territorial liberty has been painterly painted as a role model for the existing races and the races next to peep. This rhymed couplet exhales the fragrance of his conscience for the cultural iridescence of India here, there and everywhere.
Indianness was the mission of Mahatma like bird of passage

Who lived and died for the sake of Mother India?

That has been presented as the cultural capital, yoga capital, religious capital, wisdom capital, land of wonder, terrain of Manmohan and several others in one sonnet after another speaks volumes about Indianness in the superlatives. Indianness runs wild through thick and thin across his verses in general and Mother India in particular that makes him the originator of Indianised version of Arbindonean sonnets with might and main.
Choudhary hankers after love heritage for the golden passage of the sage amidst many a bird of passage. Love is the treasure -trove where the amative baths in the Ganga of free –love in general and the eve of the valentine day in particular? Labour of love is the time’s best jewel amidst many a carnal. His concept of love– Feast today and famine tomorrow/ Rob the aglow of the grass window – makes him the champion of the champions so far, the concept of love in Indian English Poetry is concerned. He further adds that love wind creates whirlwind for mankind amidst many a Govind. Like Shakespearean love sonnets Choudhary versifies a number of sonnets related with the pigments of love while his mastery over the selection of words all through his verses in general ant the sonnets in particular makes him Indian Spenser in the tavern of Indian English poetry. This couplet –Pitambar of Porbandar/ Perfumes the passage for the pauper–is one of the best examples of alliteration while this couplet – The king of the hill is that male/ Who catches a tiger by the tail? -justifies the best example of assonance of the sonnet. What that strikes the verse- suitors most is the application of various figures of speech across his verses through fire and water? What that makes a demarcation line between English sonnets and Indianised version of Arbindonean sonnets is the selection of apt and phrasal words , rhymed couplets, uses of various figure of school, proverbial and mythical dominance , blinding of ancient, medieval and modern age, philosophy of love ,life, and nature , painterly painting of the bleeding society , picturization of natural beauty and human nature all through his poems that make Indianised version of Arbindonean sonnets deeply rooted in the cultural soil of India.


Prof. Shiv Sethi is a noted columnist and literary critic based in Ferozepur, Punjab