PM says Pak ‘backstabbed’ India in Kargil, cautions citizens on Covid-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi salutes the martyrs and bravehearts on the 21st anniversary of the Kargil war; says the battle against coronavirus isn’t over yet.

Remembering the valour of the martyrs and bravehearts on the 21st anniversary of the Kargil War, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hit out at Pakistan for “backstabbing” India despite the latter’s friendly gestures and said that the world watched India’s might at Kargil. He also dedicated the 67th edition of his radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ to the soldiers who showed great strength in Kargil and saluted all the brave heroes and their brave mothers on behalf of the entire country.

“India can never forget the circumstances under which the battle of Kargil took place. Pakistan had embarked upon this misadventure, nursing delusions of encroaching upon Indian soil, to distract attention from the internal strife prevailing there. People with such a disposition keep thinking of harming even their well-wishers… that is why when India extended a hand of friendship, Pakistan tried to respond, stabbing in the back,” he said.

PM Modi also urged the youth of the nation to share stories of the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the brave hearts and their brave mothers on social media throughout the day. While remembering how Indian soldiers turned all odds in their favour and defeated Pakistan, he added, “Our gallant Army displayed deeds of valour. When India demonstrated her might, the world watched it. You can imagine how the enemy lodged in soaring mountainous heights and our armed forces, our brave soldiers fought from down below! But it was not about victoriously conquering the heights. It was the victory of high morale and bravery of our armed forces in the truest sense of the term.”

Later, PM Modi also reminded the country of the ongoing battle against the deadly coronavirus pandemic. He urged the countrymen to be more cautious as Covid-19 is still as fatal as it was in the beginning. Wearing a face mask, using a ‘gamchcha’ or a light towel to cover face, two-yard distancing, frequently washing hands, avoiding spitting anywhere, taking full care of hygiene and sanitation—these are our weapons to protect us from corona, he said.

 Bringing the issues and challenges faced by the frontline corona warriors including medical staff, he said, “At such times, I urge you that whenever you feel your mask is bothersome and you want to remove it, spare a thought for those doctors, those nurses and think of our Corona warriors. You will find them wearing masks for hours together, diligently working to save our lives and wearing masks for a span of eight to ten hours. As citizens, we should not be negligent at all nor let others be so. On one hand, we have to fight the battle against corona with full awareness while on the other, whatever our responsibilities, through sheer perseverance, we have to lend pace to it, taking it to greater heights.”

Ahead of India’s Independence Day celebrations next month, the Prime Minister urged the youth and the people of the country to pledge for freedom from the pandemic and to take a resolution to work for a self-reliant India.