PM Narendra Modi extends greetings on the occasion of Onam

PM Narendra Modi

On the occasion of Onam Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday extended his greetings to the people.

Taking to Twitter PM Modi said, “Onam greetings to everyone, especially the people of Kerala and the Malayali community spread around the world. This festival reaffirms the vital role of Mother Nature and the importance of our hardworking farmers. May Onam also further the spirit of harmony in our society.”

Meanwhile, in Kerala Onam is celebrated as a 10-day illustrious festival from 30 August to 8 September.

Moreover, Onam is celebrated mainly by Malayalees which is also called the harvest festival which falls between August-September. The harvest festival is celebrated through various rituals.

Earlier at Tripunithura people gathered and hoisted a grand dazzling ceremonial parade with caparisoned elephants, colorful floats, folk art performances like Kathakali, and Mohiniyattom, and percussions bands like Pandimelam and Panchavayam, on 30 August.

However, the festival Onam brings family and friends together and indulges in traditional games, music, and dancing.