PM Modi’s Pakistani sister to tie him rakhi, Know the details


Qamar Mohsin Sheikh, widely known as Narendra Modi’s Rakhi sister of Pakistani heritage, will visit New Delhi this Raksha Bandhan to tie a rakhi to the Prime Minister. For the past 30 years, Sheikh has sent a Rakhi to PM Modi every year.

“This time I have made the ‘Rakhi’ myself. I will also gift him (PM Modi) a book on agriculture as he is fond of reading. For the last two-three years, I was unable to go due to Covid-19 but this time, I will meet him in person,” Sheikh, who move to India from Pakistan after her marriage, told the media.

“I have specifically made a red-colored Rakhi for him. The red color is considered a symbol of strength…Earlier, I prayed for him to be the chief minister of Gujarat and he became. Whenever I tied the Rakhi, I used to express my desire for him to become the prime minister. His response was always affirmative, saying that all your wishes will be fulfilled by God. Now, he is doing commendable work for the country as the PM,” she added.

She expressed her desire to see the prime minister this year when extending Raksha Bandhan greetings to him last year.

Speaking about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, she said, “There is no doubt, he will be the prime minister again. He deserves this because he has those capabilities and I wish him to be PM of India every time.”

Sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists on Raksha Bandhan and pray for their brother’s prosperity and long life. Sisters are also reciprocating the gesture in modern times. The event is held on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shravana, which falls in August each year.