PM Modi’s ‘Air India 1’ all set to take off in September

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be flying in dashing, all-equipped Boeing 777-300ER VVIP aircraft from September. The customised aircraft with the signature—Air India 1—will be used by PM Modi during his official travels across the globe as well as in India.

The aircraft is equipped with security features similar to US President Donald Trump’s Airforce One. The B777 aircraft will have state-of-the-art missile defence systems called Large Aircraft Infrared Counter Majors (LAIRCM) and Self Protection Suits (SPS).

Air India is expected to get two Boeing aircraft (B777- 300ER) specially designed for President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Modi. The officials said, “There has been some delay, mainly due to Covid-19. India will get two aircraft by September. The special thing is that these two B777 aircraft will be flown by the pilots of the Indian Air Force and not Air India.

According to sources, the special features of Boeing aircraft (B777-300ER) include special protection suits. It can block the radar frequency of enemies whenever it wants and can escape by radar in case of danger. It can also detect enemy missiles, divert it as well. The Boeing aircraft (B777-300ER) can also retaliate in the event of an air strike at any time. This aircraft can also launch a missile attack on the enemy. It has a seating capacity of 396 people. The aircraft is 100% digitally designed. It has advanced aerodynamics. The length of the wings is 212.7 ft and height is 60.8 ft. The length of the aircraft is 242.4 ft.

With this aircraft the authorities can contact the head of any nation of the world at any time. There is a provision to cook food for 100 people at one time and store food for 2,000 people. This aircraft also has the facility of air-refuelling to fly indefinitely. Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL) will be the main company to maintain the planes, as per officials.

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