PM Modi to visit Kuno National Park on his birthday will boost tourism, says Kunwar Vijay Shah

Kunwar Vijay Shah

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to visit Kuno National Park on his birthday 17 September and will also visit the release of African cheetahs in the forest.

State Forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah on Tuesday said to boost tourism in Madhya Pradesh PM Modi is making his visit.

“It was our wish to celebrate the birthday of the Prime Minister in a historic and unique form and our wish has been fulfilled. The Prime Minister will come to Madhya Pradesh on his birthday and has permission to release cheetahs brought from Africa into our state’s forests. This time the birthday of the Prime Minister will prove to be a milestone in the history of the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh,” Minister Shah said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan informed about PM Modi’s visit to the Kuno National Park on his birthday.

“PM Narendra Modi will visit Kuno National Park on his birthday on September 17. On the very same day, Cheetahs from South Africa will be brought to the park,” CM Chouhan informed.

Meanwhile, ahead of PM Modi’s visit a team of experts from South Africa, Namibia, and the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department conducted all the inspections. For the second and third phases, Gandhi Sagar and Noora Dahi have been finalized.

“Recently I returned from a tour of South Africa. The MOU with South Africa is yet to be signed. Now eight cheetahs have been finalized to be brought from Namibia. If the second MoU is done before 17, there is a possibility of about 20 cheetahs coming from Namibia simultaneously,” the forest minister added.

However, for 16 days Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as Seva Pakhwara on 17 September.