PM Modi to visit Gujarat on October 19, preparations gain pace

Prime Minister Modi is all set to visit Gujarat on October 19. Ahead of his visit, preparations and arrangements gained pace.

The foundation stones for projects worth Rs 4,309 crore in Rajkot and Rs 2,738 crore in Morbi districts will be laid by PM Mod during his visit to Gujarat on Wednesday.

All preparations are underway as the Prime Minister is about to visit his home state of Gujarat. In addition to attending Navratri celebrations, the PM recently spent two days in Gujarat where he laid the groundwork for numerous projects and inaugurated a number of others.
More than 1.5 lakh people are expected to fill the dome for PM Modi’s speech during a “grand welcome” and roadshow in Rajkot, according to Bhuj Kutch MP Vinod Chavda.

“The prime minister will come on the 19th and visit Junagadh and Rajkot to address the public rally. Rajkot will hold a road show from the airport to the racecourse ground. More than 1.5 lakh people are likely to attend his public rally. All preparations have been done here,” said Chavda.

The PM has a very “soft corner” for Rajkot, according to BJP spokesperson Raju Dhruv, because it was from there that he ran for office for the first time.
He will lay the cornerstone for Amul’s 20 lakh litre per day (LLPD) milk processing plant, which will be built on 119 acres at Gadhka near Rajkot, during his visit to the state.
After a roadshow from the airport to Race Course in Rajkot, he will address a crowd there and then open the Shastri Maidan urban housing conference.
The PW Awas Yojana Light House Project, the Hospital Chowk Bridge, the Ramapir Chowk Bridge, the Nana Mava Bridge, the Science Museum, and the four-lane Para Pipaliya Road connecting AIIMS are among the development projects.

Additionally, PM Modi will lay the cornerstone for the widening of the Jetpur-Gondal-Rajkot Road; the construction of three new GIDCs at Nagalpar, Khirsara-2, and Pipardi; passenger facilities for the railways; the remodelling of the water supply scheme in Gondal and Machhu-1; a sports complex in Rajkot; the RMC fire station on Nirmala Road; and the widening of the Bhimnagar bridge tollagarh.

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