PM Modi to inaugurate water supply projects worth Rs 2,500 crore in Karnataka


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate water supply projects worth Rs 2,500 crore at Shivamogga and Belagavi districts of Karnataka on Monday 27 March.
According to a press release, the water supply projects, which are being carried out under the Center’s flagship “Jal Jeevan Mission,” will serve more than 13 lakh people in the two districts. On 6 February, Prime Minister Modi laid the cornerstones for two Jal Jeevan Mission projects in the Karnataka city of Tumakuru, in Tiptur and Chikkanayakanahalli. According to the press announcement, the Tiptur Multi-Village Drinking Water Supply Project will cost over Rs 430 crore to complete.
At a cost of roughly Rs 115 crore, the multi-village water delivery scheme for 147 settlements in the Chikkanayakanahlli taluk has been put into place. The initiatives will make it easier to supply the local population with safe drinking water.
At Kodekal in the Yadgiri district of Karnataka, Prime Minister Modi laid the cornerstone for the Yadgiri multi-village drinking water supply system as part of the Jal Jeevan Mission on 19 January. According to the plan, a 117 MLD water treatment facility was to be constructed. The Yadgiri district’s three cities and more than 700 rural habitations would receive drinkable water as a result of the project, which will cost more than Rs. 2050 crore.
According to the announcement, the initiatives were started as part of PM Modi’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that all households across the nation have access to safe drinking water.