PM Modi slammed Congress for trusting Pakistan over people’s feelings 

PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress and its allies on Thursday, saying they trusted Pakistan more after a terrorist incident but never considered the feelings of the country’s population. PM Modi

In response to a debate on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi stated that the Congress and its allies have a history of not trusting India and its armed forces, but they have reached out to separatists in Kashmir.

During his speech PM was heard saying that “Whom did they believe? Pakistan used to attack our borders, they used to send across terrorists and then Pakistan would shrug off its responsibility, it never took any responsibility. They had such love for Pakistan that they used to believe Pakistan immediately.”

He further added “Pakistan used to say terror attacks will take place and talks will also take place. They even went to the extent to believe that if Pakistan is saying, it must be true.”

Prime Minister even went on to say that Kashmir was on fire due to terrorism, but the Congress leadership did not believe the common man.

He said “They used to trust the Hurriyat, they used to trust the separatists, they used to believe those who carried the Pakistani flag.”

The prime minister stated that when India conducted out surgical strikes and air strikes against terrorists, the Congress and its allies did not accept the armed forces and instead believed the enemy’s allegations.

Modi claimed that the opposition have an incredible magnetic potential to absorb and amplify every word made against India.