PM Modi Shares Smiles and Laughter with Children, Calls Them ‘My Young Friends’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a delightful video on Instagram, capturing endearing moments with young friends. The video showcases the Prime Minister engaging playfully with a boy and a girl, highlighting his warm connection with the younger generation.

“Some memorable moments with my young friends!” Modi captioned the video, reflecting the joy shared during the interaction. This follows previous instances of the Prime Minister celebrating Raksha Bandhan with schoolchildren, fostering affectionate bonds. In July, he interacted with kids during the Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam, emphasizing the significance of connecting with the youth.

The video portrays PM Modi’s commitment to engaging with children, showcasing a lighter side of leadership. These heartwarming interactions underline the importance of nurturing connections with the future generation, exemplifying the power of simple gestures in building meaningful relationships.