PM Modi :India-Middle East-Europe corridor will become foundation of the world trade for centuries

According to PM Modi, the India-Middle East-European corridor will support global trade for centuries


According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, history will remember that the India-Middle East-European corridor was conceived in India and that it will serve as a foundation for global trade for the ensuing decades.

Modi mentioned the “Silk route,” an old trade route utilized by India when it was a thriving and significant commercial power, in his monthly Mann ki Baat address. He also claimed that India recently proposed the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor at the G20 Summit. He said that the two achievements have appeared most frequently in the communications he has gotten from people. He claimed that the summit’s success, followed by India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission’s success, quadrupled every citizen’s satisfaction.

He claimed that when India was successful in getting the African Union admitted to the G20, the world recognized its leadership. The prime minister claimed that Bharat Mandapam, the site of the G20 Summit, had become a “celebrity” and that visitors had been taking photos in front of the cutting-edge conference hall.

Noting that September 27 is World Tourism Day, he stated that goodwill plays a significant role in luring travelers and that tourism is supposed to provide the most jobs with the least amount of investment. The goodwill toward India has increased over the past few years, he claimed, and it has only increased since the G20 summits, when more than a million international delegates visited various regions of the nation to see its richness and history.

The recent designation of the Hoysala temples of Karnataka and Santiniketan, the city associated with Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, according to Modi, is a source of great pleasure.

There are now 42 of these sites in India, and the nation is working to have more locations connected to its culture and legacy recognized as World legacy Sites. No one will ever forget seeing world leaders paying respects at Mahatma Gandhi’s tomb during the G20 Summit, he added, noting that it demonstrated how his principles are still relevant on a worldwide scale as his birth anniversary is on October 2.