PM Modi flays Cong, lists out BJP’s ‘good work’


Hitting out at the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the party was incapable of working for people’s welfare. “Congress cannot do any good for you all. In the last Assembly elections, you had voted for the Congress and had sent their candidate to the Vidhan Sabha. Tell me what have they done? Can you remember anything?” the PM asked, addressing a public rally in the Amreli district of poll-bound Gujarat.
Voicing hope that the BJP will return to power in the state, the PM said, “This time, Kamal Khilvu Joiye (the lotus should bloom).” He added that the Amreli district will emerge as a bustling centre for maritime trade, adding a new chapter to its history.
“The mushrooming of industries here in the last 20 years and the innnovative agricultural practices introduced by the Krishi Bibhag (agriculture department) helped Amreli make a telling impact on the state. The agricultural development in Gujarat was in the negative before we came to power in the state. It is the result of our hard work that today, the Gujarat’s agricultural development has reached double digits,” the PM said.
Claiming that Amreli was once in the throes of a water crisis, the PM said every village in the district now received piped water supply. “The farmers here have now been lierated from issues arising out of water and electricity. There was a time when transformers would blwo out and running repairs on them would take 2-3 months. Now, transformers are repaired on making a phone call,” the PM said.
“Whenever I come to Amreli, I feel like home. The sheer turnout of people here shows which way the election is going this time. The levers of election are not with politicians or candidates, but in the hands of the people who have turned out in such huge numbers today,” the PM said.