Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh spoke to iTV Network on India News Manch on Thursday about sustainable governance under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

The minister said, “We are running good governance. PM Modi has formulated sustainable model of governance. PM Modi has been able to deal with myriad challenges and has tried to bring in new and efficient work culture.

The case in point is that there were more than 1600 laws that had become either dormant or were unable to cater to the challenges of contemporary happenings, and now these laws have been rejuvenated so that they would be applicable and relevant to the current times. Moreover, our governance has a focus on ease of living, which has helped people get benefits who were overlooked before.”

He added, “Modi Ji has restructured the functioning of good governance in every sphere, which has also been its hallmark. It is a technologydriven governance, and that’s how the processes have become more time- and moneysaving.”

Dr Jitendra also talked about how the grievance cell of the government has improved by putting it on the technological track.

He said, “There used to be only two lakh grievances before the government, and now we are getting more than 25 lakh grievances only because people have more access to the government through technology. We not only kept the country clean through the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan but also tried to keep governance clean by getting files to travel faster. Now we have all the information about the official processes, which have benefited the people as well as the government. 

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