PM compared name of our beloved country with terrorist group: Kharge


Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Friday asked the leaders of the INDIA bloc to be ‘prepared’ for more raids by the central agencies and arrests due to the ‘vendetta politics’ of the NDA-led government as it will ‘misuse’ agencies.   In the third meeting of the Opposition alliance in Mumbai, the Congress President alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has compared the name of the country with a terrorist organisation in his speeches.
“The success of both our meetings, 1st in Patna and 2nd in Bengaluru can be measured by the fact that the PM in his subsequent speeches has not just attacked I.N.D.I.A but has also compared the name of our beloved country with a terrorist organisation and a symbol of slavery,” Kharge said. He also said that the BJP government will ‘misuse’ the central agencies as much as the Opposition alliance will gain ground.
Further, coming down heavily on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Kharge accused the party of spreading “communal poison” which is turning into hate crimes like the Mumbai train shooting incident.
“We should be prepared for more attacks in the coming months, more raids and arrests due to this government’s vendetta politics. The more ground our alliance gains the more the BJP Government will misuse agencies against our leaders. It has done the same in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bengal. In fact, Last week, it was done in Jharkhand and in Chhattisgarh… The communal poison that the BJP and RSS have spread over the last 9 years is now seen in hate crimes against innocent train passengers and innocent school children,” the Congress President said.
The third formal meeting of the opposition bloc INDIA alliance began on Friday with the aim of coming up with an action plan for the next Lok Sabha Polls. The first meeting of the joint opposition was held in Patna on June 23 and the second meeting was held in Bengaluru on July 17-18.