Pink Parks Will Keep the Blues Away Literally

It’s time to cheer for this amazing move on behalf of the MCD in New Delhi, which is planning to build 250 parks only for women called “Pink Parks”. This initiative brings much-needed relief to women who have long endured unwelcome stares and concerns about their safety while engaging in activities like jogging for their well-being. These parks will provide a secure environment, allowing women to enjoy their recreational pursuits without fear of harassment or inappropriate behaviour.
This move comes at a time when India is still debating legalising same-sex marriage. As India is taking strides towards a progressive transition from the past, women too have been demanding equality in all aspects of life. But most have overlooked the strategic non-inclusion of public places for women in the country.
Accessibility and equality in public places have been completely ignored as part of its agenda or policies. The age-old idea of patriarchy, where it is expected that the majority of women stay at home and public spaces are not really a major area of concern, is finally being addressed. As more women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men towards economic independence and thereby taking autonomy over their health issues and public space ownership too.
Creating the Pink Parks isn’t enough.
What we would need are women security guards and women gardeners for the upkeep and maintenance of the place. This, in turn, will give employment to many women and also cause a significant reduction in women’s fear. For a woman alone in the park at night, with a male security guard at vigil, who might not only be on the lookout for trespassers but also for an exercising woman wearing shorts and a tee, this isn’t unreal or unthinkable. Therefore, addressing the issue in its entirety is a must. This designated space has to be for women and by women only.
It doesn’t help that the fear of the rising crime rate meted out against women makes most of them fearful of strangers in the dark, even if they are supposed to be the caretakers or the law.
Pink Parks will also be a great place for many housewives who may not get time during their chores to go out in the mornings for a walk. She can go into the park after her duties are done. In these women’s only parks, she can be free of time restrictions, the fear of being molested, and the reluctance to invest in her health, which is the need of the hour.
Approximately 31,000 complaints of crimes committed against women were received by the National Commission for Women in 2022. This is the highest since 2014. Many atrocities and sexual assaults go unreported due to the stigma attached to the victims.
Talking to Seema, a young HR executive from New Delhi said, “I work late hours, almost three days a week. This reduces my chances of going out for an evening walk in the park outside my home. I feel unsafe walking into enclosed parks at night, as I might be the only woman there at that hour. I wish parks and public spaces were more accessible for women like me who work late and dislike gyms.”
Pink Parks as a concept is like a rainbow on the horizon for many women who have never questioned the unspoken inability to be free like a man, who never needs to worry about stepping out at night for a stroll, buying a cigarette, or just walking his dog. Women’s desires are the same as men’s, just that fear of assault has remained the deterrent since time immemorial.



Mohua Chinappa is an author, she runs a podcast called The Mohua Show.

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