PIB pulls up YouTube channel for spreading fake news against PM Modi, CJI

A Youtube channel called ‘News Headlines’ has been accused by the government for spreading fake news about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court of India, the Chief Justice of India, and the Election Commission of India.

According to the Press Information Bureau PIB), the Youtube channel has reportedly 10 lakh subscribers and total 32 crore views.

“A #Youtube channel ‘News Headines’ with almost 10 lakh subscribers and 32 crore views has been found to been propagating #FakeNews about the Prime Minister, Supreme Court of India, Chief Justice of India, and the Election Commission of India,” the PIB Fact check handle tweeted.

The Youtube channel has been accused of spreading fake news like “elections would be held on ballot paper following the orders of the Chief Justice of India”. It has also spread fake news like re-election will be held for 131 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. Earlier it had also claimed that Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has resigned from BJP and joined Congress.

The fact- checking team of the nodal agency communicates to the media on behalf of the Government of India. It works to identify and stop fake news from spreading in social media and the channels associated with them to prevent confusion in the citizens of India.

No word on what action is to be taken on the owner of the Youtube channel.    

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