PFI’s actions not in interest of Islam: says Muslim students’ organization

PFI’s actions not in interest of Islam: says Muslim students’ organization
File photo of young Muslim boys reciting text from the Holy Quran during the Ramzan month at the Asom Markazul Ulum madrasa at Islampur in Guwahati on 29 May 2019. ANI

The nationwide crackdown and arrest of 106 Popular Front of India (PFI) members by National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday created reaction from Muslim bodies. Muslim Students’ Organization of India appealed to Muslim youth to stay patient.
“Muslim youth should be patient on the action taken on PFI. Appeal of Muslim organizations Tanzeem Ulema-e-Islam, Kul Hind Markazi Imam Council and MSO have said in their statement that if this action has been taken for compliance of law and prevention of terrorism, then everyone should be patient on it,” tweeted Muslim Students’ Organization (MSO) of India. It said the charges of murder, violence and possession of weapons against those arrested were serious.
“However, these allegations have to be proved in court. All the organizations said that for the last several days there are continuous reports of anti-national activities of PFI,” said MSO of India.
Keeping allegations of brainwashing the youth with Salafi Wahhabi ideology against PFI, MSO Of India said Muslims should help the country in its pursuit of stability and peace. It said the Muslims of the country PFI and organisations of Salafi Wahhabi ideology are basically brainwashing the youth which is not in the favour of Islam, country and humanity.
“PFI and such Salafi Wahhabi organizations want to trick them against the basic ideology of Sufi majority population of the country,” it said.