People from all fraternities will participate in Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh, says MP Kartikeya Sharma

In honor of Rajya Sabha MP Kartikeya Sharma, a program was organized at Brahmin Dharamshala in Gohana, Sonipat. During this, the members of the Brahmin community felicitated Kartikeya Sharma.

During this, Kartikeya Sharma said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal will be the chief guest of Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh which will be held on 11 December in Karnal.

Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma said that Haryana has got such an honest Chief Minister for the last 8 years who is running the government in a very transparent manner taking 36 fraternities along.

Talking about Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar Sharma said that because of Chief Minister Manohar Lal’s blessing I could reach the Rajya Sabha. There is no doubt that I got 36 fraternity votes, that’s why I won the Rajya Sabha election. Blessing me and sending me to Rajya Sabha is proof that CM Manohar Lal believes in taking everyone along.

Meanwhile, in the Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh, a large number of people from all over Haryana will participate in the state-level conference of Karnal.

While addressing the gathering Kartikeya Sharma said that people from 36 fraternities will come to Mahakumbh. This state-level Mahakumbh (Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh) will create history and people from 36 fraternities from every corner of the state will reach the Mahakumbh.

Haryana MP further said the Brahmin society should strongly present itself in the program so that our demands are accepted. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth regarding this Mahakumbh.

Moreover, Kartikeya Sharma said that he has come to his family home like your son. He said that we now need to think about why we are backward. History is a witness that those communities which do not have unity lag behind. We have to unite and keep our point.

Talking about his father Vinod Sharma Haryana MP Kartikeya Sharma said that the work done by his father Vinod Sharma for the society and the people of Haryana is uncountable and he will too work to take it even further.

However, Rajya Sabha MP Kartikeya Sharma said that the world and times are changing and in such a situation, we have to move forward with positive thinking. His father former Union Minister Vinod Sharma always fought for society and fought for rights. Whether it is a matter of getting us our share in EBPG, whether it is a matter of ending the interview system. When it comes to bringing transparency in jobs, his father fought for the youth.

Furthermore, he is also trying to follow the path shown by his father. He is well aware of the problems of the youth and society. Haryana MP concluded by saying that he has come into politics with the same thinking that his father Vinod Sharma had.

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