Q. When you look back at the year gone by, how was 2020 for you? 

A. It has truly been like a rollercoaster – while I started it off great with New Year’s getaway to the Maldives, and then with ‘Nikamma’ promotions and the release of ‘Maska’ – I had my share of lows too once Covid-19 hit. But I was lucky to have mom around, and later spend almost three months back home with my family.

Q. What was lockdown learning for you? 

A. Patience is everything. With social media around, we are used to things happening now that waiting for things with patience seems like a thing of past but this year helped me get a clear perspective of what I want from my life and how important my family is to me. 

Q. What did you miss the most doing this year?

A. I missed working, being on set and visiting family and friends. One of my best friends got married this year and sadly I could not visit her, due to Covid restrictions. 

Q. Professionally, how was the year for you? 

A. I’ve had my share of ups and downs but it is fine. As long as I am feeling healthy, things will bounce back if I keep working hard. 

Q. What was the lowest moment for you this year? 

A. There have been many low moments but it’s important to train your mind to come back from it, and meditation helps. 

Q. What was the best moment for you this year? 

A. When ‘Maska’ released and everyone appreciated it and my performance. It’s nice when that happens especially when you’ve put in so much hard work. 

Q. How do you see the OTT boom in India?

A. The rise of OTT platforms has had a transformative impact on the larger media and entertainment industry. It has changed how we create, distribute and consume content. I love the wide range of content that we have due to OTT platforms.

Q. What is your New Year’s resolution?

A. To maintain a healthy lifestyle with enough sleep and good food. 

Q. What are your hopes as you look forward to 2021? 

A. I hope that Covid-19 vaccine truly helps and we all get back to a normal lifestyle. I hope international travel becomes a normal thing again as I miss not being able to travel to see my parents and brother.

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