Pegasus or no Pegasus phone tapping is happening, says RJD leader Manoj Jha

RJD MP, Manoj Jha, on Friday 2 March, stated that phone tapping is happening and no one can deny this fact. While speaking to a leading media house, Manoj stated that, “Pegasus or no Pegasus phone tapping is happening”. Jha further reveals that BJP leaders fear while  talking to him over the calls.
During his statement, he claimed that, “Many of my friends in BJP say to me let’s talk on signal not on a phone call as calls are getting tapped so this reality has to be accepted” he said.

He further added, “BJP leaders are blaming a Deputy Chief Minister of some state that their phone calls are getting tapped, so again this reality has to be accepted.” The statement of Jha came into the lime-light following the claim made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi while speaking at an event at the Cambridge University in London claimed that intelligence officers had told him that Pegasus software is installed in his phone and he should remain cautious.

In another news, while countering the Gandhi’s allegations of phone-tapping, Minister of Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw said, “Rahul Gandhi is struck on word Pegasus but he needs to learn about pegasus.”

When asked about Vaishnaw’ remark on Gandhi’s statement, Jha attacked the BJP-led Centre as he said, “Learning is a lifelong process and the government of which you are a minister has all features of an authoritarian state and people know about this.”

When asked about the opposition not achieving much success in the Supreme court on the Pegasus matter Jha stated that” One thing I will tell you there are various instances where the decisions of today and the things which happen later there is always a difference.”

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