PCB Chief Zaka Ashraf Faces Accusations of Misdoings; alleged by PCB committee

PCB Chief Zaka Ashraf

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Zaka Ashraf has been accused of “flagrant misdoings and unconstitutional decisions” as his tenure comes to an end, according to a report by ESPNcricinfo. A report by ESPNcricinfo revealed that these allegations came from Zulfiqar Malik, a management committee member of the PCB, who addressed Zaka Ashraf and the management committee through an email. Additionally, copies of this email were forwarded to Pakistan’s Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) and the Prime Minister’s Office.

In his email, Malik pointed out that various wrongdoings had taken place over time without consulting or obtaining approval from most members of the PCB. “I have noted some flagrant misdoings and unconstitutional decisions by management that I wish to bring on record to absolve myself from the unconstitutional decisions and wrongdoings that have taken place over the period of time without consultation or approval of most members,” Malik wrote, as quoted by ESPNcricinfo. Malik argued that the PCB chief made many long-term decisions that violated the committee’s mandate.

Some of these decisions included the appointment of former chief selector Inzamam ul Haq, as well as the appointments of several directors, consultants, and officials without the consultation or approval of most members. He also raised concerns about budget approvals, legal counsel hiring, and the sidelining of key officials.

In response, the PCB defended its decision-making processes, stating that every decision adheres to the constitution and is intended to ensure the day-to-day operations of the PCB continue without obstacles. In reply, the PCB stated that every decision is made in accordance with the constitution and defended the nature of decision-making, as confirmed by ESPNcricinfo.

The email from Malik was sent on October 3, and a week later, the IPC requested a comprehensive report from the PCB regarding its operations, including updates on election progress. However, the PCB has yet to provide the requested report. Zaka Ashraf’s four-month tenure as the PCB chief is set to conclude on November 5.