Pavitra Rishta actor Kanishka Soni marries herself, posts picture

After Gujarat’s Kshama Bindu, television actor Kanishka Soni of ‘Pavitra Rishta’ and ‘Diya and Baati Hum’ married herself.

Taking to Instagram, Soni shared a picture of herself, wearing a mangal sutra and sindoor.

“Married to myself since I fulfilled all my dreams my own & the only person I am in love with is MYSELF answer to all questions I am getting I don’t need any Man Ever… I am happy always alone & in solitude with my guitar. I am the goddess, Strong & Powerful, shiva & Shakti everything is inside ME, Thank you” Soni said.

After posting this news Soni was backlashed on social media. Later she dropped a 6-minute-long video and said, “I know you guys have been raising lots of questions on my #selfmarriage decision, I truly believe in Indian culture & here is my POV that why I chose to live in solitude [?] marriage is not about sex it’s about love and honesty one seeks for & I have lost that faith & believe … so it’s better to live alone and love myself than seeking it in the outside world when it’s difficult to find, but thanks a lot for making my post on #google #trending & in #news though wasn’t my intention.”

“Some people said I must have got drunk or had ganja while putting that post but let me tell you that I m so Indian by heart that I have never tried alcohol or any other stuff even after staying for a long into the film industry, it is a decision made by my full heart & soul with full conscious mind & I am happy that I am in the USA now & focusing on my career into HOLLYWOOD,” Soni added.

Earlier in June 2022, creating a nationwide buzz a 24-year-old girl Kshama Bindu who hails from Gujarat announced her self-marriage.

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